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I help high achieving, successful women suffering from sleep deprivation get back to healthy sleep patterns so she can wake up refreshed and energized, every day. Is that you? Then, let’s talk!


Hi! My name is Stella Scott and while I did have my own sleeping disability I now have it all sorted out.

So, let me guess,

You sometimes have difficulties concentrating, get short tempered and feel exhausted “for no reason”?

You hate getting out of bed and you frequently feel tired and groggy, like you haven’t slept at all?

It might even have gotten so far your job has become all obligation and no inspiration.

Feel Like A Hopeless Case?

And if this has ben going on for along time you might think:

I’m a hopeless case, I’ve tried everything but nothing works!

But you deserve to enjoy life fully. When you are rested you can contribute to a better world and if I’m not completely out of touch, that is who really you are. A change maker!

You know what? I don’t think it’s fair! I presume you have already achieved significant accomplishments in your life and for that you deserve accolades and zest to celebrate who you are!

I have experienced what you are going through and I know what it’s like, into the bone. I care about your health, your work, your family, your self esteem, your looks, yes everything that is affected by your sleep.



Stella delivers something extra that I have not encountered before. Her program is so well-built and implemented. The results are amazing and the very best; SUSTAINABLE, because Stella's methods contain a variety of tools that you can bring along with you in your daily life. I highly recommend Stella. My life has got a whole new starting point with more energy, more clarity and better focus!

Christina Påhlman Sales responsible, IKEA Sweden October 14, 2017

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The Easy Decision Agreement

1) Book a clarity session with me, completely free of charge for you, (though valued at $180).
2) Fill out the preparatory web form
3) Come to the session with an open mind

My sole aim is to help you know if my system for healing chronic sleep disorders “The Sleep Puzzle” is a good fit for you. That way you can decide on a simple yes or no.

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The Transformation Is Possible!

Instead of dragging yourself through the day with high stress levels and constant lack of energy, with better sleep you can increase your stamina, raise your mood and go out to better the world. It longs to be energized you!


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