I Don’t Get Inspired By The Big Shots.

I don’t get inspired by the big shots any longer.

That’s right. On the contrary, I feel empty.

The Marie Foleo’s and Jeff Walker’s of the online world bore me. I’ve been on countless mailing lists, bought quite a few awesome products, went overseas to live events several times and learned a lot. Got inspired even, but now it’s come to a halt. It’s backfiring.

They are constantly promoting each other in their profitable club of heartfelt, conscious entrepreneurs having nothing other in mind than earning more money. Or what do they want since they always talk about ALL THE MONEY you can earn if you only join their best friends new, indispensable program, with all the bonuses?

Mindvalley doesn’t even allow you to become an affiliate unless you have a list of at least 50 000 people!

Every new lush, heavy edited glossy video makes me cringe.

Whom do they think they are talking to? Who feels right at home and comfy with those perfect eyebrows and no sleeve dresses (Why do so many of these women wear no sleeve dresses?)

Is it enough to say, If your anything like me, my parents were teachers, or I’ve been where you are? Does that really create affinity?

Well not for me. It has become lingo and nothing more.

When will someone lead with typical results?

It started about two years ago when I noticed I felt discouraged by example students. This and that person managed to get to 6 figures in such and such short time with my awesome program. Where was the person like myself, hard-working, heavy implementer, decades of experience and a brilliant mind, but not too much to show for it?

When will someone lead with typical results? Or at least just above normal results? OK, let’s settle for an upper half 5 figures. Because how many do even get there?

That would pay rent, put nice food on the table, fun nights out, theater, gifts and a holiday trip. At least in my case, it would suffice for living a good, meaningful, heartfelt life with lots of time for myself, friends, family and volunteer participation. That, as well as gifting the world with the treasures only I can provide.

No, I have no desire to do that for low pricing since my experience is that with a healthy price tag comes better clients, ready to take on their challenges and go for the real change. Those clients are more fun to work with. And when the client pays the provider gets on her toes to give it all and then some.

You see if you don’t charge what you think you’re worth you won’t deliver it either.

Therefore it’s not the money per se that bothers me. Money is a good playmate! Bothersome is the repetition of the same, blasé message.

Is it because of my hawk-eyed perception?

Is it because I’m European at heart and the push, push, push style doesn’t give me much?
Or is it because I see through the whole thing with my hawk-eyed sharp perception?

I know my perception is sharp. And fast.

That’s what my friends say, my clients too and if you’re gonna win me over again, you’ve got to give me something new!

Many years ago while still in training one of my course mates said he’d never met anyone so fast at implementing and changing direction.

So perhaps I’m one of those to present the new?
The down to earth truth of what it looks like?
And perhaps you reading this resonate with my message and you too have seen an awesomely curated Insta feed to many?

Perhaps you are part of turning this into a genuine and truthful direction?

You’ve got to be original!

I wholeheartedly assume you’ve got to be original these days, but do you know how to go there? Probably not and that is why I might be part of your path.

Read a few testimonials here and when you’re ready to contact me, please do!
I can’t wait to see your creative style of showing up in an uncommon way, just as I did today!

Deborah Murphy

In thinking about our conversation, you must know that I was quite surprised! Serendipity at her best! Therefore, I can't write proper sentences to describe my reaction to our call! I keep having these - bursts of elated/energetic thoughts!! It was foresight, engaging, affection, serious and fun!

These are the gifts that I enjoyed about our conversation:
Know my own unique perspective, learn from it, and share it! Yes! Precisely! This message of wisdom was intended for me and in the way that you delivered. It deeply resonated! Looking forward to our next talk. So very appreciative. You possess a truly needed gift. 🙂

Deborah Murphy https://www.facebook.com/JourneytoOurTrueSelf/

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What my friends and clients say: Discerning, calm, cool and warm out of the box thinker, receptive, analytical, energizing and inspirational. They also say I'm fast, honest and effective. What I say: Happy to the core, while also challenged greatly by life and living. Gifted with a very curious brain and constantly exploring. My highest value in life is to assist others. I get a kick out of watching people change in front of my eyes!

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  1. I agree with so much of what you said!! I just can’t relate to the bigwigs and when I see several of them all promoting the same thing, I find it disheartening. Why aren’t they just about whatever they are doing? The reason I signed up for their list. Anyway, I feel exactly as you do and my takeaway is about charging what you’re worth to make sure that’s what you deliver!

    1. Right! I signed up because I was looking for information about them! An occasional recommendation, sure, but this avalanche of everyone else’s business is ridiculous. It makes them appear greedy and out of integrity. I’m leaving lists a mile a minute right now.

      Love your takeaway, Jeanine!!! Put yourself out there, charge well and then, overdeliver! 😀
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