I’m Coming Out Of The Coaching Closet!

I’m coming out of the coaching closet!

There are too many things not being said in the coaching world. While too much sounds the same.

For years I’ve been losing interest, steady and sure. The later months I’ve seen repeated wordings and strategies all over the place and I got tired. Tired, exhausted and uninspired.

Let’s look at “authentic”.

Dropping weight or building business.
It’s Bossy moms, Lady Goddesses, Queenly entrepreneurs, high heels, pink, endless positivism, hollow quotes, you can do it, red lipstick and on it goes.

Where is the innovative thinking? There is talk about being “authentic” but very little of it shows. It’s more of the same everywhere.

And as usual, 95% will fail!
The online explosion won’t change that, no matter how many times you watch a video of Oprah saying “be true to yourself and follow your passion”.

You see, you MUST be something different.
Something that makes you stand out in front of yourself.
Not in front of others.
To sleep better you must change, for you.

YOU must change, Not only do different, for a while. Your whole view of yourself and how you live your life needs a complete overhaul.

Recently I decided it’s enough for me.
I’ve been there.
I’ve done that.
And I’m done!

What about honesty?

Yeah, let’s be honest!
It’s not easy doing online business.
Stress isn’t something you just let go of.
Health is not about food and exercise.

It’s about your relationship with your body.
It’s physical. And emotional, spiritual, mental and relationship based.
It’s all of that. At the same time. All of the time.

So here I am, stepping out of the coaching closet because I suffocate inside of it…
I’m out now. Out of the coaching closet. And out of the mainstream. I was always different.
And that’s how I will remain.

What now?

If you feel you don’t know where to turn considering it all sounds and look the same, it’s because it does.

I’m not gonna fool you with how easy and quick this journey is as I don’t want to lie to you. Or skimp over and say “These results aren’t typical”.
Don’t waste your time any longer! Time is a battery you can’t recharge, yet it’s all you’ve got. Your time is your life.

Be unique they say. But what is that? Really? What about you?
If you want to be seen, you must have something worthy to look at. I’m sure you do but are you digging deep enough?
Do you long for the part of you that will push you to your JUMP?
If so act and read about Magic & Miracles, now.

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What my friends and clients say: Discerning, calm, cool and warm out of the box thinker, receptive, analytical, energizing and inspirational. They also say I'm fast, honest and effective. What I say: Happy to the core, while also challenged greatly by life and living. Gifted with a very curious brain and constantly exploring. My highest value in life is to assist others. I get a kick out of watching people change in front of my eyes!

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  1. “Who is holding you accountable for your awesomeness?” ~ love it! I like your new coaching direction and I agree that if one of us has moved through fear and the other has not yet, then the one who has is ready to help.

  2. Always appreciate your comments Jeanine! It’s so weird to me with all these people selling something they haven’t done themselves.

    I don’t think it’s enough to know a little more to call yourself an expert, as is so popular to say these days. I think you have to know a lot more to help people grow. That’s why people have long educations and why those with experience on top of it get better positions and more pay.
    Stella Scott recently posted…Is Goal Setting Just Another Method Of Failing?My Profile

  3. I love your direct and honest approach Stella! And I love that you say straight up that it’s not an easy journey – because it’s not! I see so much crap online now, of coaches pushing that it’s easy to jump into the digital space and make money online, and they’ll show you how in X easy steps … easy!! It’s such a farce – only hard work will get you there, there are no short cuts. Thanks for coming out!

    1. Thank you, Megan!

      The landscape of online marketing is very different now than it was when most of those that are “big shots” started. Granted, some manage to become shooting stars, but the vast, vast majority will never get anywhere and the main reason is the combination of following glossy messages + aren’t honest with themselves. Self-honesty can be painful!
      Stella Scott recently posted…Are You Chasing A Dream While Building A Business?My Profile

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