It Will Get Worse, But You Know That, Right?

It will get worse!

If you don’t change course,
do different,
act different,
think different
it will not remain the same.

It will get worse, in time.

Your sleep problem will deepen.
Your stress levels rise.
And you will completely lose track of who you are
while following all that “advice”.

But you know that, right?

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What my friends and clients say: Discerning, calm, cool and warm out of the box thinker, receptive, analytical, energizing and inspirational. They also say I'm fast, honest and effective. What I say: Happy to the core, while also challenged greatly by life and living. Gifted with a very curious brain and constantly exploring. My highest value in life is to assist others. I get a kick out of watching people change in front of my eyes!

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  1. After meeting the commitments of these daily blog challenges, I am so tired, I have no trouble sleeping. Getting up before I am finished sleeping is what troubles me.

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