Bonuses Are Rarely An Asset.

Bonuses are rarely an asset.

I offer no bonuses.
Working with me is absolutely enough.
You won’t have time for bonuses.

At worst they become a way to keep you distracted from what’s really important.
Because when you don’t use them (and you won’t) you’re afraid you’re missing out. 

My experience?
Bonuses are rarely an asset.
Most of the time they become liabilities, tugging away on your insecurities and nurtures a sense of loss.

How many bonuses do you have that you never opened?
Never looked at?
Never got to because time was to short?

Too many that you care to recall.

Therefore, when we work together you’re going on this quest with a purpose.

It’s time to engage with yourself in a completely new manner.
You need to sit down & ponder and write those emails to me.
Listen to your mp3’s
Do your exercises.
Go deep.
Have me sitting on your left shoulder…

You won’t get lost in wasted bonuses, instead, you’ll do what needs to be done!

Find a way to communicate with and through your body that you’ve never experienced before.

you’ll shift,
you’ll change
you’ll morph


I’m not gonna try to convince you with bonuses.

If it’s right for us to work together, we’ll both know.
Any bonuses aren’t going to change that.

Show up!
Be with you!
Honor you!

Just don’t get lost in bonuses.

Don’t get distracted.
Commit to yourself!

Start by joining my free group on Facebook, #TheEnergizedYou.
I’ll meet you there! 

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  1. I do whatever I’m supposed to do without bonuses. I take pride in whatever I accomplish, and that’s what makes me going forward. I never asked for them and I never cared for them. Those who strive for them seem to get caught up In a behaviour that I never want to get associated with.

  2. I haven’t ever given it conscious thought, but come to think of it: I completely agree, bonuses are rarely an asset. Thank you for making me aware of this, that I hadn’t made visible within me before reading your post.

  3. I completly agree with you, a bonus shouldn´t be the reason to work with me.
    In that case the customer could have bought the bonus instead.
    This can be a big mistake in pricing your services

    1. Agreed! And yet I’ve heard _exactly_ that reasoning in a training about creating high ticket programs and how to sell them. Have a bonus so juicy they want to buy your program so the can get their hand on the bonus… Eh, what? 🤦🏽‍♀️
      Stella Scott recently posted…You’re Here To Be You!My Profile

  4. Bonuses are used to get your attention – right? To make people read your content at all. So I think is a step earlier than what your content is about, or not. If I get a free pdf with 10 tips for example I can with that pdf see how good your content is before I buy. In that case a bonus is great.

    1. No Anna, that’s to entice them to get on your list. The Free gift you give in exchange for their email address. It’s bartering.

      A bonus comes with the program and you have to buy the program to receive it, on the side, so to speak. Frequently you get so many bonuses there is no way you can go through them all to get the benefits. They can consist of other programs, webinars and PDF’s. It’s not that the quality of the bonuses is the problem, it’s that you really don’t have time to dive into them too.
      Stella Scott recently posted…How I Differ As CoachMy Profile

  5. I’m not taking bonuses for granted and yet I do my best in everything. I have to feel proud over my work – and knowing I have did what I can – that’s my bonus. My pride for the job.

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