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Stella in the role of Lucy England in “The Telephone” by G C Menotti.

How is your self-confidence doing and your self-love?

Are you ready to go from low self-esteem and constantly judging and criticizing yourself to strong, relaxed and self-confident?
To be radiant, loving, forgiving, kind, assertive, inspiring. True to yourself and always self-accepting.

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I know it's always worth investing time and money in myself and my development. It becomes a mental boost sending signals to myself, that I am worth investing in, which strengthens my self-esteem. I also enjoy the feeling of "nothing is constant", and even at times it may seem like you've tried "everything" and become a bit blasé, there's always something new to try out, moving you forward 🙂

Going through Stella's Sleep Puzzle, I must say after three weeks, it's absolutely amazing there's a new system now that actually works. Stella helps you to cope with your sleep problems! 

Catrine Wikström Regional Culture Strategist

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