Don’t Pretend To Be Fearless, It Will Only Create More Fear!

Pretend to be fearless

Don’t Pretend to be fearless, it will only create more fear!

“Pretend to be fearless!” I see it everywhere. This was recorded about 5 months ago, but is as valid as ever!

My post yesterday addressed this and I know I will talk about it again since it’s becoming a plague.
When you pretend to be fearless it only becomes worse!

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I guide accomplished women develop unshakable self-confidence through finding and trusting their truthful self. What my friends and clients say: Discerning, calm, cool and warm out of the box thinker, receptive, analytical, energizing and inspirational. They also say I'm fast, honest and effective. What I say: Happy to the core, while also challenged greatly by life and living. Gifted with a very curious brain and constantly exploring. My highest value in life is to assist others. I get a kick out of watching people change in front of my eyes!

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