Here Is My Best Tip For A More Effective Brain!

A More Effective Brain

Do You Desire A More Effective Brain?

Many years ago I ran into binural beats. Mainly I wanted to sleep better and had not yet found my way. In my case they didn’t solve my sleep problem. I mean, they made it easier to fall asleep faster, but they were still a crutch. But what I did notice was that i gradually got a more effective brain.

I started to use them because I craved better sleep patterns.

I wanted to sleep without any aids. Going to bed, turning off the lights, falling asleep within reasonable time. Not after 2-4 hours every single night! I think they have been part of my healing, though not significant.

Nevertheless I was intrigued by how I experienced better focus in all kinds of situations when I used them regularly. For sure they are soothing for a brain in overwhelm. Do you run risk of burnout? Use Binural beats!

Today I use them when I feel stressed, overwhelmed, even frustrated.  That can easily happen when you’ve moved over to create an online career. 😉 Binurals also come to my aid when I need focus or a brainstorm session with myself.

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Many brands out there can help you with so much more.

I’ve tried several brands and apps but were my true favorites. Unfortunately I discovered today they have closed down as of December 31st, 2017. So sorry I can’t give you a link to their products page! And as grateful I have at least eight of their superb, high quality tracks to enjoy. I will treasure them even more now.

I can still recommend this app though, for a first taste of how they work.

For my writing, for instance, I have a couple of tracks that are specially creating the wavelength promoting inspiration and writers flow. As a matter of fact, I use them now. 🙂

Encouraging you to learn more, here is a link on how Binural beats work.

Will you try?

Tell me below, did you ever use binurals yourself? And if not, do you feel inclined to give it a go now?

ps. Don’t use them while driving or operating machinery!

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  1. I have heard of them and I know people who swear by them! That’s too bad about the company closing down, but good thing you already had those tracks. I think it’s neat that you discovered a way they could help you even if they weren’t the sleep solution you wanted.

  2. I’ve heard of it but never really piad attention. I don’t have trouble in sleeping but I fear my brain is on a dose lol. So I’ll definitely look into it.

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