I Don’t Believe In The Become Fearless BS!

become fearless

I don’t believe in the become fearless BS!

Well, if there is anything to this being fearless is not going to help right?

I don’t believe in fearless. I don’t even believe you can become fearless.
I believe in feeling the fear and do it anyways.
I believe you can be brave!

Now here is the odd thing. The real thing.

That doesn’t mean that the fear is real or that there’s something real to fear but either or, you will feel it.

I’m not talking about danger here. Danger is something completely different and danger is very real.

What I mean is that when you fear something you have an internalized, imagined danger running amok in your head. Nine times out of 10 it’s a complete invention of your mind.

But, and this is important, it’s an invention that you created as a survival mechanism. Unfortunately, it holds you back these days instead of protecting you.

Those inventions cannot be skipped over pretending all you need to do is to look expensive,  put on a hefty red lipstick, a pair of high heels and you’ll be fine.
Nine times out of 10 you need someone by your side to get over on that other side of your self-invented yet self-preventing fear.

And 10 times out of 10, you will need that person by your side sooner or later.

If you feel that’s me, now, contact me.

It’s only to find out if you and I are a good matching when it comes to getting you over to the other side of your internalized dangers.

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  1. Thank you for bringing it to the point, that fear we feel is ‘nine times out of 10 it’s a complete invention of your mind’.
    And yes this moment needs very often somebody or something happening to break it. That is my experience.

  2. Yes, go ahead and feel the fear. Then realize that the fear doesn’t have to hold you back if you go out and do whatever that fear is holding you back from doing. Just do it! Thanks for reminding us not to let fear paralyze us.

    1. I can relate to that, others finding me brave when I’m just me. But I can also see it from their angle. As a matter of fact, I do see my bravery at times even though I’m not full of fear. My concept of “brave” is becoming more complex with aging.
      Stella Scott recently posted…You’re Here To Be You!My Profile

  3. Jag är jättedålig på engelska, men inlägget tror jag handla om rädsla. Säkert jättebra skrivet men jag förstod inte allt. Ha en fin fortsättning på denna söndag

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