I Was Hacked, But I Wouldn’t Let That Ruin My Cool!

I was hacked

I was hacked, but I wouldn’t let that ruin my cool!

I mention the fact twice in this video while I also tell how come it didn’t affect my well being much. It took 10 looong days, while I was calm, cool and collected! ;).

Here I talk about what falters with makeovers, and some of the aftermaths for women going through them. They simply don’t last and can have tragic outcomes. Not only for the person, but also for friends and family.


Are you ready for your own makeover, the one from the inside out?
The one starting with how you’re really doing?
If so, fill out this form and I’ll be back with you. If I find us suitable for a free chat I’ll suggest when we can meet.
Perhaps it’s time for us to work together? 🙂

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  1. hi, a suggestion about your dark image:
    I think it is because the light from the window behind you is too bright. Try changing the camera angle so it does not see the window. Maybe set it in the window sill and let the window light your face.
    Or, try putting a curtain or drape over the window, or record your event after sunset.

    Blog on!

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