The Discomfort Of Sharing Amazingness…

The discomfort of sharing amazingness…

This is uncomfortable, but I recently joined a 5-day challenge and today’s challenge is to share something amazing about myself, in writing!

If you follow me you know I feel crazy uncomfortable (Yes, crying on Fb-lives!) sharing how amazing and different I am so usually I avoid sharing the written word on what’s amazing about myself.

This is because I feel stupid and embarrassed when it screams in my face. ⠀

But here it goes… 🙃

Did you know that I was born with a disability, severe clubfeet, and still formed my own dance company at 20, where six women lived of dancing, professionally for six consecutive years?

And later on, after finishing my 4-year education as a Gestalt therapist I became a professor at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.⠀

I’d love to hear something amazing about you too in the comments below!
Because I want you to know that no matter what is going on in the world that there are people who will celebrate you when you have the courage to shine brightly.

This is actually why I became a therapist because I LOVE helping my clients go from self-contempt, hiding their beauty, not daring to be visible to feeling amazing about life, love attention and adore their bodies.⠀

I’m feeling called to help a whole new wave of people. ⠀

Will you hold this vision for me?⠀

I am offering “Visible Body Confidence Consults” this week as my gift to you.

I have room in my schedule for 5 sessions (2 left), so if you know someone who has low self-confidence about their bodies and looks and wants an amazing shift in awareness on how to move forward, will you share this post with them?⠀

Thank you!

You. Are. Amazing.⠀

Spread the word!

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  1. You really have no reason to be uncomfortable for sharing that you are amazing. You should only be proud of yourself. Starting your own company at 20 is very well done of you!

  2. You are amazing. That I know.
    And I am amazing too.
    One amazing thing about me is my shift from being the most negative person I’ve ever known, to – if not the m o s t positive then at least – a much more positive person. That shift started when I was dumped by my then husband, over the phone, while nine months pregnant. Took the opportunity to take a close look at myself, and make necessary changes to ensure I would get a more full and wholehearted life from that moment onwards.

  3. You are amazing! Strength in all your strides! I feel such a community with you – a safe and supportive place to grow and shine xx

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