Your Body Is Your Spiritual Vehicle!

Your body is your spiritual vehicle!

Your body is your spiritual vehicle!

You body is your spiritual vehicle.
If you had no body you wouldn’t be here.
It’s the only reason you are!

You would have nothing to pray with.
You would have nothing to meditate with.
You would have nothing to be in the now with.
You wouldn’t feel the exhilaration of gratitude.
You wouldn’t get angry.

And you wouldn’t shed the tears of your sorrows.

You wouldn’t read.
You wouldn’t see the flowers..
You wouldn’t taste the strawberries.
You wouldn’t hear the music.
Or experience the warmth of a hug.

No sex, no exercise, no eating, no listening, no seeing, no walking, no breathing… At least not the way a body does.

Your soul desired to have a physical experience, because there are certain things you can only experience when you are a body,
and your body graciously admitted it.
Now it’s up to you to make that a beautiful cooperation.
It’s a cooperation you see.
I sincerely suggest you honor that,
every heartbeat of your precious lifetime here on mother earth.

When you’re body is done, your soul will have to leave.
It decides, as your body owns you.

Let me say that again.

Your body owns you!

Remember this, always:
Your body is your spiritual vehicle!

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